About Us

TS Marketing Solutions FZCO stands for a healthy and sustainable change of diet, where you are the focus. Nowadays there are countless diets that promise a lot, but unfortunately usually end with the famous yo-yo effect. TS Marketing Solutions FZCO was created by a coincidence of personal initiative. The founders Stefan and Tanja Schmelz initially benefited alone from the delicious recipes that the certified nutrition trainer (formerly active in the medical field) Tanja Schmelz tried out for the fun of it and out of pure interest. Not only her husband benefited from this change of diet, but also friends and acquaintances became increasingly interested in the plans for a simple change of diet. And since Stefan Schmelz, as an online entrepreneur, knows how to address and reach people online, this was the birth of "TS Marketing Solutions FZCO". Over the next few years, more than 100,000 people followed this novel online dietary change. To cope with the onslaught, the team now consists of several, certified and some studied nutritionists. 

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